BCFA serves as the link, phone call or hand reaching across the table to bring together the consumers and producers who share an interest in a strong, local, sustainable food system.
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BCFA delivers exceptional, informative and low- or no-cost programs for those interested in nutritious, sustainable local food options and for local food system professionals looking to make an ethical, sustainable living doing what they love.
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BCFA builds vital relationships within facets of local and regional government, educational institutions, social services, business & economic development, land stewards and others to strengthen our local food system.
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The Love Grows Farm Tour in Review

Thank you Brad & Ailsa of Love Grows!And thank you for attending the tour! On July 6th we visited Love Grows in Morrisville on the 2018 Farm Tour series. We learned so much from Brad and Ailsa.Here are some of the highlights...
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Sustainable Travel Begins With Food

While 87% of travelers value sustainability, only 39% confirm that they achieve this ideal. One of the best places to start for eco-friendly wanderers is with your food intake. The production and transportation of food can have a massive impact on the environment, yet it is an essential part of everyday life. While the changes you make may seem small, they will add up to something much bigger. So if you’re planning on making your way across foreign lands, follow the tips below to eating sustainably. This will allow you to travel guilt-free and minimize negative impacts on the natural world. Through buying local and seasonal food, you can move towards sustainable eating when abroad.
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