BCFA serves as the link, phone call or hand reaching across the table to bring together the consumers and producers who share an interest in a strong, local, sustainable food system.
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BCFA delivers exceptional, informative and low- or no-cost programs for those interested in nutritious, sustainable local food options and for local food system professionals looking to make an ethical, sustainable living doing what they love.
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BCFA builds vital relationships within facets of local and regional government, educational institutions, social services, business & economic development, land stewards and others to strengthen our local food system.
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Sustainable Food Will Improve Your Complexion

Sustainable Food Will Improve Your Complexion Fruit and vegetables which are grown sustainably have high nutritional quality, according to, and their dense nutrient content will improve your complexion. There are 15 CSA farms in Bucks County, so there are great places to source out pure and healthy produce that will make your skin glow. When you choose sustainable food from hard-working and dedicated Bucks County farmers, you’ll access a plethora of nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin D and antioxidants. These nutrients are known to improve the look and feel of skin. While all sustainable food isn’t certified organic, a lot of it is and this is the type of sustainable food that you should look for. Choosing sustainable, organic sweet potatoes, dried Shiitake mushrooms and tomatoes will make it easier to enjoy a glowing complexion.  
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