COVID-19 Mitigation Plan - Customer Guidelines

Please read thoroughly! Your cooperation is important in keeping the market safe for all. Our vendors are taking many precautions as well, including wearing gloves and masks, disinfecting surfaces at regular intervals, and providing hand sanitizer at check out. We appreciate your adherence to these guidelines.

  1. Please keep your wonderful dogs at home during the month of May. This is a recommendation of PA Department of Agriculture to help prevent people from clustering and to aid in a quick trip through the market. We love your dogs and look forward to seeing them later in the season.
  2. Customers are asked to pre-order and pre-pay for as much product as possible. The time each customer spends in the market needs to be as short as possible. Information on how to pre-order from each vendor is listed in our newsletter.
  3. Customers are kindly asked not to touch produce and products. Vendor staff will bag your items or place them on a table for you to bag yourself. This is to stop cross contamination. 
  4. We ask that one person per household come to the market during this period of time.
  5. We will be attempting to keep a safe number of customers in the market at any given time and will create one entrance and one exit to the market. We ask your cooperation in heeding this entrance and exit point which will be near the parking lot entrance on the West State Street end of the market. We will be adding barricades to help make this easier to follow.
  6. For everyone’s safety, we ask your help in staggering the amount of customers coming to the market thus helping with social distancing by following these arrival recommendations based on age and your last name:
    • 8am-9am for ages 60+ immune compromised individuals
    • 9am-11am for last names A through M
    • 11am-1pm for last names N through Z
    Next week this order will reverse.
  7. There will be one entrance and one exit to the market for everyone’s safety and we will monitor the amount of people in the market at one time and attempt to keep 25 people or less in the market at any one time.
  8. We ask that you practice social distancing by keeping 6 feet between yourself and any other person. Please wear a mask or face covering.
  9. We also ask that you have your own supply of hand sanitizer to use in between vendor visits. 
  10. We ask that in those cases that you have not pre-paid for items and do not use a credit card at the market, you are prepared with a wide variety of cash bills so that change from a vendor would not be necessary.  
  11. Any items purchased at the market are meant for take home consumption

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