2016 Annual Meeting

On Wednesday, January 6 we held our annual meeting which featured a traditional potluck dinner and a local foods cooking demonstration with popular chef, educator, food writer and farm-to-table advocate Ian Knauer.


Ian hosts the PBS series, The Farm, which tracks wholesome ingredients from their beginnings to the dinner table. Ian’s The Farm Cooking School at Tullamore Farm in Stockton, N.J., teaches food prep from “butchery to baking, cheese-making to preserving—and everything in between.”


He published his cookbook, The Farm – Rustic Recipes for a Year of Incredible Food, in 2012—it’s available from his website at IanKnauer.com.


While attendees enjoyed the local-foods potluck meal, Ian shared his background, some cooking tips, and plated an appetizer and dessert for everyone to taste.


The appetizer was a butternut and kabocha squash mash with caramelized onions on a crostini. The simplicity of the appetizer made the individual flavors shine - and the recipe easy to reproduce! 


For dessert, Ian plated up a pumpkin cake with a rum caramel sauce, while teaching us tips to make the perfect caramel. 


Following the meal and the demonstration, former President, Susan Pierson summarized BCFA's year in 2015. Gavin Laboski accepted the nomination as President and Shari Rossmann as Vice President. Lisa White is continuing her role as secretary in the new year, and Mike Olenick continues to be Treasurer. 


A special thanks to Ian and all who attended BCFA's annual meeting! It was a truly wonderful time.


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