Bedminster Orchard Farm Tour in Review

Thank you Brett of Bedminster Orchard!
And thank you for attending the tour!

On August 1st we visited Bedminster Orchard in Perkasie on the 2018 Farm Tour series. We learned so much from Brett.

Here are some of the highlights...

A hard-working farmer


Brett Saddington farms all of Bedminster Orchard by himself (with help from his girlfriend when she can). Bedminster Orchard offers peaches & apples of many varieties, fresh  cut flowers, tomatoes, strawberries, and more! Brett sells his produce at the Doylestown Farmers Market every Saturday.



Bedminster Orchard produces grows 25 varieties of apples on dwarf trees. Dwarf trees are more manageable, and easier to harvest. The trees we saw on the orchard were only two years old and were already producing fruit. Brett uses grafting to clone the trees in order to get the same exact variety. He also plants his apple trees in rows in order of when they are ready to harvest and works his ways through the rows from August to November.



Bedminster Orchard peach trees are dwarfed as well for easier harvesting. Some of the trees trees on the orchard are as 15 years and will shortly be replaced with ones Brett has propagated for a fresh start. Happy peach season!

Cover Crops & Soil Building


Bedminster Orchard is growing a cover crop of hemp for future blueberries. Brett is working to build up the acidity of the soil because nematodes that harm plant's roots cannot survive in acidic soil.



Brett keeps bees for pollination on the orchard and uses all-natural processes. Small-scale beekeepers help to save the bees!

Pond & Drip Irrigation 


The pond on the orchard waters the plants through a drip irrigation system. Brett can monitor the PH of the water that the plants are recieving this way.

Thank you

Thank you Bedminster Orchard for hosting, teaching us so much, and for all your hard work. Bucks County is lucky to have you in our farming community. 

Thank you to all who attended and participated. We are happy you had the opportunity to share good food, great company, and learn all about Bedminster Orchard.   

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