Celebrate National Flour Month with Castle Valley Mill

March is also National Flour Month and it's a good time to think about the flour you are using. If you visit our local farmers markets then you know who your vegetable farmer is and you know who your meat farmer is. But who is your wheat farmer?? Have you ever thought of that? What's in that 5 lb bag of shelf stable flour you buy at the grocery store? And who grew it, and how? What level of quality is this flour and what effect does it have on my health? 

Well, here are some answers. That 5 lb bag of shelf stable flour is laden with pesticides if it's not organic. If you're buying organic flour then you've probably avoided that. But your organic flour is still dead. It was milled with steel rollers and the heat from the rollers killed the enzymes, bran and germ and all other beneficial components. And your flour has likely been sifted multiple times to take away any trace of bran and germ. Since the flour is dead it is acting as a simple carbohydrate in your diet and not doing you much good unless you’re a marathon runner. 

On the other hand, Castle Valley Mill stone grinds local whole wheat. Stone grinding is a cool process and keeps the wheat alive - all the enzymes, bran, germ and oils. Because it is alive, it is not shelf stable and must be kept in the refrigerator. Because it is alive it is a healthy, complex, whole grain carbohydrate that is good for your body. It lends an extra nutty flavor to baked goods, makes the most flavorful bread and pasta and takes the guilt out of eating cake. They also stone grind corn into flour, grits/polenta.

You can purchase their products at the Doylestown Farmers Market from Hershberger Heritage Farm (they have the refrigeration needed), The Doylestown Food Market, the Market at DelVal and on their website here.

We are blessed, truly blessed to have a local flour mill in Bucks County. Please support them and support your health by using their products. 

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  • Shawn Samperi
    commented 2019-03-22 20:11:02 -0400
    If you’ve never cooked/baked with CVM products and you call yourself a “foodie”…you’ve missed the boat. As we are learning more and more about the detrimental effects of ultra processed on our health, we are SO lucky to have an alternative source of grains right in our own back yard! Give them a try.

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