COVID-19 Mitigation Plan - Customer Guidelines

November Market Guidelines 

We recognize that everyone has a different comfort level with interacting and that we all want life to return to normal ASAP. We have disposable masks at the market tent for anyone who needs one. We appreciate your adherence to the Borough, County and State guidelines.

  1. SOCIAL DISTANCING IS IMPERATIVE! Follow the chalk x’s on the ground to distance and form lines. Keep 6 ft. between you and other customers.
  2. Wear a mask.
  3. Sanitize your hands in between vendors. 
  4. 8 - 9 am for 60+ immune compromised, 9 am - 1 pm for all

The Imperative of Social Distancing


Dearest customers,

We are changing some things around this week to create more space in our market so that it is easier for you to properly social distance.

Now that we are into the height of the market, we have live music every week and the produce is quintessential Summer, it is easy to forget - and most of us want to forget - that we are still, unfortunately, in the middle of a pandemic. We understand. The market is our happy place, a place that feels safe and fun and somewhat “normal”. And as a market staff, we have worked hard to increase our customer base for the benefit of our farmers, whom we love and exist to support. Perhaps we have done too good of a job during a pandemic. So to assist you in your desire to remain safe during this ongoing pandemic, we are rearranging some vendors this week in an effort to create more space in the market so you can maintain proper social distancing while moving through the market and waiting in line. 
Please take note of chalk marks on the ground assisting you in 6ft distancing and the direction of lines, as well as additional instructional signage.

We are giving Trauger’s and Jersey Pickles more space which requires us to move The Dog Bone Guy’s van to the parking lot. Please visit him there!!! The Trauger’s line and product set up will change to help in this effort. We are removing our market tent in the middle of the market in order to gain space there as well. And we have eliminated a vendor space near Love Grows and Barefoot Botanicals in order to increase space for their lines. 

Please be mindful that everyone has a different comfort level at this time. Thank you all for wearing your masks and sanitizing your hands between purchases. We all need to continue to work together so that the market can remain open. Thank you for your continued support!


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