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Sustainable, locally grown food is becoming more popular, with a third of Americans preferring local, environmentally-friendly products. Pennsylvania is keeping up with the movement too, with more and more cities in the state being awarded the Sustainable Pennsylvania award. But have you ever thought about feeding your canine companion with a similar diet? After all, dog food may not be the best option for man's best friend; veterinary groups estimated that 20% to 60% of American dogs are overweight and at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and blood pressure. But what are the alternatives?

Why Feeding Food Waste To Your Dog Benefits The World

One of the best, most sustainable options is feeding your food waste to your pup to supplement their diet. There are already lots of reasons to eat an environmentally-friendly diet, and you can make your diet even more ethical by giving leftovers to your dog. This is because lots of human food leftovers are actually good for dogs, and if you're not eating them they will just go in the bin. This is a big problem the US, as a shocking 50% of all food in the US is thrown away every year. This is a staggering waste of food and energy, but you can reduce your impact by feeding your leftovers to your dog.

However it is important to learn what food is good for dogs and what food isn’t first. If you want to have less of a negative effect on the environment, here are some tips for feeding your dog your food waste.

Foods You Can Feed Your Pooch

According to Pet MD there are lots of human foods that are okay for dogs, including lean cooked meats like turkey and chicken. One great way to include chicken in your dog’s diet is to buy a full chicken and strip off the leftovers to make up a few meals for your up. These animal products provide your dog with lots of protein and energy, but it is also important to include some vegetables such as broccoli and carrots so that they have a well-rounded diet.

You can also pad their meal out with rice and oatmeal; research from the Whole Dog Journal found that less than 2% of dogs have a negative reaction to rice, and it means that their diet won’t be too rich and meat heavy. Dogs also like eggs and peanut butter, although these items shouldn’t be the main part of your dog’s meal. This is because they are both quite rich, so if your dog eats too much they may feel a little ill.

Foods To Avoid

There are some meals that you should avoid as they could  cause common dog food allergies. For instance you should avoid beef as over 30% of dogs have a negative reaction to it, and this also applies to smoked meats as they can be harmful to your dog. In general if something is bad for humans, it is also bad for dogs; for instance too much fat and sugar is bad for humans, and this rule also applies to dogs. Other foods you should avoid include onions, garlic, chocolate, raisins, grapes, avocados, macadamia nuts, bread dough and spicy food can all cause your dog to become seriously ill.

Feeding food waste to your dog is a sustainable way to get rid of waste food that would otherwise just go in the bin, but only if you do your research before making the switch. If you want to do this, lean meats, vegetables and rice are particularly good options as they are very healthy for dogs. 

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