Fermenting Vegetables - Kimchi

*This workshop is currently full. We will repeat this program next year due to high demand.

BCFA presents Fermenting Vegetables: a Kimchi Workshop on Wednesday, October 3, 7 pm at Plumsteadville Grange, 5901 Easton Road, Plumsteadville, PA 18949. In this workshop you will learn how to make traditional kimchi, a salted and fermented dish made with Napa cabbage and radishes with a variety of seasonings, from experts who have been making this dish since they were young. Learn the process of Kimchi making hands-on and the health benefits of eating fermented foods. 

Cabbage and other ingredients will be provided. Please bring a cutting board, large sharp non-serrated knife, a large bowl for mixing, hand towel, a wide mouth quart jar, disposable gloves and an apron (optional) plus a food container for the kimchi that will not fit in the jar. You will leave with your own jar of Kimchi ready to finish fermenting.
Theresa Jin and Sunghee Kim will lead the workshop.

Theresa Jin has been watching her mom make Kimchi since she was young. It then became natural for her as she made Kimchi for her family every year. It is an essential dish they always have on their dinner table. 

Sunghee Kim was born and raised in Korea where everyone eats Kimchi everyday. She learned how to make Kimchi from her mom who is a certified chef in Korean cuisine. She lives in Buckingham where she runs her dog training business, Placid Paws, and helps her husband run Hundred Fruit Farm. 

Registration required. To cover the cost of ingredients, we ask $10/per participant, payable online below or at the workshop.
This event will be capped at 30 participants. To guarantee a spot, pre-register here. 


October 03, 2018 at 7pm - 8:30pm
Plumsteadville Grange

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