Fight Crime with Gardens

About 15% of land in America’s cities sits abandoned or vacant. These spaces are associated with an increase of crime and stress to residents, especially in low-income neighborhoods.

Vacant lots that have been cleaned up and “greened” are linked with feelings of personal safety and lower crime and violence.
To test this association, researchers removed trash and debris from the lots, graded the land, planted grass and trees. They also installed a low wooden fence along the perimeter of the lot to signify that it was being taken care of.

For comparison, other lots were simply cleaned with nothing new planted, and some were left in their current state.
“Significant benefits were reported due to the greened lots, including a significant reduction in gun violence, burglaries and nuisances, with the latter two falling by 22 percent and 30 percent respectively” (Mercola). Residents in the area reported benefits, including feeling 58% less fearful of going outside.
Community gardens, not only look aesthetically pleasing, but cary a host of benefits, including reduced stress, a feeling of community and safety, and lower crime rates. To learn more, click here.

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