Local Meats for the Holidays

BCFA is committed to strengthening our farming economy and improving the availability of local, healthy, and sustainably grown food for all members of our community. It is a way to eat healthier, and serve your family food that is humanely grown, without chemicals and harmful pesticides that also damage our local foodshed and environment. Here is a highlight of the locally-raised holiday turkey, ham, and roasts for your holiday feast.

Excerpted from Bucks County Taste.

  • Durham Glen Farm, Pipersville. Pastured lamb and duck raised in humane conditions, free range brown eggs, and fresh produce. Sustainable farming practices.
  • Hershberger Heritage Farm, Sellersville. Bucks County’s only source for Certified Organic meat. Chicken, turkey, eggs, lamb, pork, and beef. All livestock is pastured raised on Certified Organic pastures.
  • Homestead Hog Farm, Sellersville. Custom ordered beef, pork, and whole chickens.
  • Milk House Farm Market, Newtown. Chicken and duck, pasture-raised and fed organic feed.
  • Purely Farm’s Pastured Meats, Bedminster. Pastured turkey, pork, and lamb.
  • Shady Fox Farm, Doylestown. Free-range chicken and turkey, grass-fed beef, pork. All free of antibiotics, steroids, or hormones.
  • Tussock Sedge Farm, Blooming Glen. Pastured, completely grass-fed beef, no antibiotics or hormones.

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