BCFA Revises Membership Model

BCFA Revises Membership Model

So that we can continue to “keep the lights on,” Bucks County Foodshed Alliance Board of Directors has streamlined its membership structure and adopted a supporting annual membership model at an annual flat rate of $30 per person. 

This greatly simplifies processes for us and provides regular funds so we can develop and maintain our website, communications and other administrative and foundational operations.

For you, it creates a tax-deductible membership and an avenue to support our mission to build a resilient local food system here in Bucks County. 

We also expect it to allow us to put more of our efforts into doing what we do best: delivering top-notch educational programs and advocating for consumers, farmers and other producers. 

The board is committed to charging only for those programs where the event host requires it; for programs that cost us more to produce, we will seek sponsorships from area businesses and individuals.

You will continue to join as before – by PayPal or credit card through our website, by check through the postal service or by cash or check at one of our events. Twice a year, spring and fall, BCFA will conduct a supporting membership drive, asking you to join or renew.

This year we’re combining our call to join with our fall Annual Appeal for additional monetary gifts to BCFA’s mission and operations. We hope you will respond.

Again and again, we find that when we ask, you always respond generously, so we need to ask!


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