Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities:


Businesses: Level 1- Annual gross sales of less than $1.5 Million - HARVESTERS Membership cost: $180

  • BUSINESS PARTNERS: Located in or around Bucks County and source ingredients or products for sale or resale from Bucks County Farms. The partner identifies product/ingredient sources and farmer relationships in its promotional materials, advertising, in-house signage, and menus wherever appropriate. Food products promoted using BFBL Bucks marketing must contain at least one ingredient that has been grown on a BFBL Bucks Partner farm. Businesses that package, distribute or produce locally grown foods for sale through wholesale channels are included as long as the products are clearly branded as “Bucks County grown” or otherwise have their “origin identity” preserved at the time of sale through retail channels and are primarily for consumption in this same region.
  • BFBL Bucks provides our Partner Members with an opportunity open their operations to public tours or education programs to demonstrate their commitment to educating and building relationships with local consumers. I.E. restaurants explaining to small groups their local food commitment and partnerships with farmers.
  • Businesses include
    • Market and Retail Stores
    • Restaurants and Caterers
    • Vineyards and Breweries
    • Food Processor/ Wholesaler/ Distributor
    • Institutions – Schools/ Hospitals/ Other Partner is a school, hospital or other institutional setting that demonstrates a commitment to sourcing foods from local Bucks County farms whenever possible.

Businesses: Level 2 - Annual gross sales of more than $1.5 Million - TILLERS Membership Cost: $250


CSAs and Farms – FARMERS Membership Cost: $50

  • Farmer grows or raises foods or other agriculture products on farms in Bucks County or within roughly 30 miles of the county’s borders and markets it for consumption in Bucks County and its foodshed.


Benefactors – SUNFLOWERS

  • Our Benefactors are people who demonstrate their commitment to the local foodshed with financial contributions of $250 or more. Benefactors receive a BFBL Bucks sticker, which identifies them as supporters of BFBL Bucks and the work of the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance.


If you have questions about your category or eligibility, please contact us: [email protected] or 215.621.8967. Our Admin can put you in touch with a BFBL Committee member who can explain the program as it rolls out for the Bucks Chapter.


To fill out an application click here. Applications can be mailed to Bucks County Foodshed Alliance, ATTN: BFBL, PO Box 401, Doylestown, PA 18901 or emailed to [email protected].


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