Ramping up your Home Production Line

By Jackie Edwards

Getting a good crop of vegetables up and running takes care, passion and dedication. Whilst doable without the most in depth technical knowledge or experience, there’s no argument against it being a labor of love. What about when you want to take it to the next level, though, and start producing big crops that you can hand out to all your family or sell for a tidy profit? Pennsylvania is a big agriculture player, with the state making $1.2bn of agriculture sales every year, so you’d fit in well.

Even if your gardening operation is lacking in space, there are ways you can get going with to create a bigger crop.



Upscaling your planters

 So, when you first start out on your fresh produce journey, you’ll often end up putting certain vegetables in certain places. This is so you can get the right soil type to the right vegetables, with everything from charcoal infused soil to different rock types influencing growth. If you’ve got this established, look at replicating those environments in different places. From your experience, you’ll know exactly what conditions you're creating, allowing you to use generalized planting techniques such as straightforward broadcast spreading and seeding to quickly get your vegetables going.


Completing the cycle

For those stuck for space, you may have found that the problem arises in getting the next crop growing following harvest. With limited space for nurseries and germination, it can be difficult to keep a solid rotation going. Have you considered employing your kitchen and its waste? Numerous veggies are easily grown again in water from the root after use; including all types of onions. Use your household and old glasses as an opportunity to have the next generation soil-ready.


Boost your yield

If you’re totally stuck for space and aren’t able to expand at all, consider how you might increase your crop yield. For the sake of organization, many gardeners leave their vegetables segregated. If you’ve established common growing conditions, maximize your space by interplanting vegetables. Also consider stagger-planting your plants, as opposed to in rows; this can increase their sunlight and lead to bigger yields. 

Taking your planting to the next level is often a logistical challenge, with a well experienced gardener already well aware of the conditions they need. Follow these crafty tricks and you’ll be on the road to big, bountiful harvests.

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