Sustainable Food Will Improve Your Complexion

Sustainable Food Will Improve Your Complexion

Fruit and vegetables which are grown sustainably have high nutritional quality, according to, and their dense nutrient content will improve your complexion. There are 15 CSA farms in Bucks County, so there are great places to source out pure and healthy produce that will make your skin glow. When you choose sustainable food from hard-working and dedicated Bucks County farmers, you’ll access a plethora of nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin D and antioxidants. These nutrients are known to improve the look and feel of skin. While all sustainable food isn’t certified organic, a lot of it is and this is the type of sustainable food that you should look for. Choosing sustainable, organic sweet potatoes, dried Shiitake mushrooms and tomatoes will make it easier to enjoy a glowing complexion.


Sustainable sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin C

Tasty sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin C and this important vitamin smooths the skin by boosting collagen production, according to An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study showed that people who ingested 4 mg of vitamin C daily for thirty-six months experienced eleven percent reductions in wrinkles. When you eat just half of a sweet potato every day, you should enjoy the same benefits. Going for organic and sustainable sweet potatoes will help you to access healthy, skin-saving vitamin C, without exposure to chemical pesticides. According to the CDC, farm workers who are exposed to chemicals from certain pesticides are prone to skin disorders and diseases, so avoiding exposure yourself will be a good way to protect your complexion.

Dried Shiitake mushrooms contains plenty of vitamin D

These mushrooms are grown sustainably on large logs that are fresh-cut. These logs may be accessed via thinning which supports sustainable management of woodlands. In dried form, Shiitake mushrooms are excellent sources of vitamin D. To maximize the skin-boosting benefits of vitamin D, look for Shiitake mushrooms that were dried via the sun’s rays. Vitamin D helps the skin by playing a role in skin repair. It also assists with the elimination of free radicals which trigger premature skin aging.

Tomatoes help to decrease sun damage reports that tomatoes are one of the best foods for great skin. When you eat sustainable tomatoes on a regular basis, these delicious food items will help to decrease photo-aging (skin damage from the sun). Since tomatoes contain an antioxidant known as lycopene, they battle free radicals. For best results, eat cooked tomatoes, as lycopene is easier to absorb from cooked tomatoes. Adding a drizzle of sustainable olive oil to your cooked tomatoes will make it simpler for your body to absorb the antioxidant. To get tomatoes and other sustainable produce easily, consider patronizing a local farm that offers produce delivery. Love Grows CSA has this convenient service in place. If you prefer to shop for your own produce, consider dropping by Blooming Glen Farm in Upper Bucks County.

Sustainable food is the best choice for good skin

Now that you understand why eco-friendly and delicious sustainable food, including sweet potatoes, dried Shiitake mushrooms and tomatoes, are so beneficial to your skin, why not add them to your daily diet? Grow your own produce the sustainable way or support Bucks County farmers who embrace the power and potential of sustainable agriculture. When you choose skin-smoothing sustainable produce, you’ll get the vitamins and antioxidants that your complexion needs

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