Sustainable Travel Begins With Food

While 87% of travelers value sustainability, only 39% confirm that they achieve this ideal. One of the best places to start for eco-friendly wanderers is with your food intake. The production and transportation of food can have a massive impact on the environment, yet it is an essential part of everyday life. While the changes you make may seem small, they will add up to something much bigger. So if you’re planning on making your way across foreign lands, follow the tips below to eating sustainably. This will allow you to travel guilt-free and minimize negative impacts on the natural world. Through buying local and seasonal food, you can move towards sustainable eating when abroad.

The Environmental Costs of Imported Food

When at home, you might try to stick to local produce. However, when traveling abroad, this food may be damaging to the atmosphere. This is due to the methods of transportation involved. The further food has to travel, the greater the level of pollution. It is estimated that agriculture accounts for almost a third of all CO2 emissions, but this can be reduced by limiting the number of miles that food has to travel. The closer the farmer’s field is to your vacation cooking equipment, the more sustainable it is.

Supporting Local Farmers

The benefits of researching the local food industry are almost endless. Not only does it provide environmental sustainability, but it will boost the local economy as well. In many less developed countries, agriculture is a huge part of local livelihoods. While food producers can send their produce abroad, it will benefit them financially to sell locally. 

If you travel to a new place, especially somewhere with lower socioeconomic conditions, you have a responsibility to leave a positive impression. Your money will inevitably be spent as you travel around, so aim to see how you can do the most good with your cash. Try and find local produce which is registered as fair trade, so that more companies endeavor to pay a good wage to farmers.

How to Find Seasonal Produce

Another way to ensure you avoid imported food and support local farmers is to stick to food which is in season. Seasonal produce is cheaper and more sustainable, meaning that it benefits you, the food producer and the environment. You can research online for the region you are in and find out which foods are in season in the relevant time and place. You can then plan your meals to eat as much of this kind of food as possible. This food will also be the freshest and most delicious. 

There are many ways to engage in sustainable travel, but selecting the right food is one of the best things you can do. Research the costs of imported food to help motivate you to buy local. Wherever you are in the world, stick to produce which is in season and benefits local farmer, so that you can travel responsibly and leave a positive impact on the world.

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