The Love Grows Farm Tour in Review

Thank you Brad & Ailsa of Love Grows!
And thank you for attending the tour!

On July 6th we visited Love Grows in Morrisville on the 2018 Farm Tour series. We learned so much from Brad and Ailsa.

Here are some of the highlights...

A delicious farm-fresh potluck


Attendees gathered around the robust tables of homemade dishes to fill their plates. The dishes that everyone brought included farm-fresh vegetables, made into delicious summer salads, just-picked cherry tomatoes and raw zucchini paired with homemade hummus, and tantalizing desserts. 

We always say we have the best potlucks, and it's true! Our BCFA community cares deeply about the food they eat and where it comes from, so naturally, it is absolutely delicious! 

Two hard-working farmers


Next we gathered around to hear a bit about Love Grow's history.

Did you know that Brad and Ailsa are the sole farmers of Love Grows? Just the two of them. We were all blow away by the work they do on a weekly basis to keep the farm running and thriving.

All the more reason to support your local farm. Their dedication, love, care, and passion is being poured into every step of the growing process. 


A beautiful evening


Starter plants off to a great start


Love Grows infuses as much goodness into their soil to get their plants off to a great start and created incredibly nutrient-rich foods. 

They enrich the soil with humates for absorption, mycelium for root growth, green sand, kelp for nutrients, and more.

A battery-powered multi-purpose tractor


A tractor of many uses converted to 100% battery power, no gas, no air pollution, barely any noise - Love Grows is all about utilizing as many eco-friendly practices as they can.

An innovative no-till field


Brad and Ailsa presented their new no-till field to us. Initially, the farmers planted rye in the field. Then the rye was crimped to form straw. The straw layer above the soil suppresses weeds and keeps the soil cool and moist, optimizing plant growth and allowing veggies to thrive without pesticides. 

Thank you

Thank you Love Grows for hosting, teaching us so much, and for all your hard work. Bucks County is lucky to have you in our farming community. 

Thank you to all who attended and participated with thoughtful questions and enriching gardening experience. 

We'll see you at the next Summer Farm Tour!


August 1, Wednesday | 6pm Potluck, 7pm Tour
Bedminster Orchard
1024 Kellers Church Road
Perkasie, PA 18944
Brett Saddington will show us around his orchard and share his orchard's history and challenges. Bedminster Orchard offers peaches and apples of many varieties, fresh cut flowers, tomatoes, strawberries, and more. Bedminster Orchard’s farm store will be open for your convenience during this event.





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