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Bucks County Foodshed Alliance is happy to be working alongside Delaware Valley University with a unified message of fostering environmentally sustainable practices in our community and the world. DelVal is hosting our first annual 5K and 1-mile Fun Run on October 3rd. This race is in partnership with Delaware Valley University’s Precarious Alliance. But what is the Precarious Alliance?

What is the Precarious Alliance? 

Dr. Joeseph S. Brosnan, President of Delaware Valley University, established the Alliance as an “interdisciplinary forum dedicated to exploring the challenges associated with sustainability.”

The Alliance places a special focus on the problems posed by adapting human networks and aims to address the effects of environmental degradation, social inequalities (local and global), and economic instability. BCFA shares the same sentiments in our goals to support the local farming economy in their sustainability efforts to benefit our entire community.  The Precarious Alliance achieves their goal through civic dialogue, innovative thinking, and practical solutions.

It all starts with dialogue 

It all starts with dialogue. DelVal has hosted Symposia on topics such as Food, Water, and Energy. These presentations draw together a diverse group of scholars. Those who have attended the Symposia and have been speakers include environmentalists, keynote speakers, business leaders, and politicians.

Land and the American Dream 

The upcoming sustainability symposium focuses on “Land and the American Dream”. October 14-15 will feature Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., an environmental activist/lawyer, and James Howard Kunstler who is an author.

The American Dream is no longer a sustainable one. It is associated with the hope for a better, happier, and richer life. The symposium will touch on how we now equate “progress with prosperity” and “democracy with development.” Kennedy and Kunstler will delve into how competing visions of the American Dream have contributed to a precarious alliance, in terms of competing environmental, economic, and social concerns.

The Precarious Alliance seeks to find solutions to create a new sustainable American Dream. For more information click here.


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