Welcome Fall Goodness at Wrightstown Farmers Market

Saturday, September 22

9 am - 1 pm


Summer veggies are slowing down, so get your share of tomatoes, green beans, corn, tomatillos, eggplant and basil while still available. Some greens are coming back - Swiss chard, arugula and kale are delicious so help yourself.

Solebury Orchards has pears and apples! 

Remember to get flower bouquets for your home. Flowers this fresh last much longer and are so much more beautiful than any bouquets you find in the store. Decorate your home for fall - Milk House Farm Market has straw bales, pumpkins and gourds!
Urgent Vendor Need!!  
Milk House Farm Market located in Newtown is in need of people that are able to start immediately. Please read the postings and forward to anyone and everyone you know! 

Do you have a passion for sustainability and the local food movement? Brenda is looking for hard-working energetic folks to join the Milk House family. Please click here for details on the openings.

Recipe of the week
Looking for a different recipe to try with wonderful market veggies? Enjoy summer goodness year round by making a large pot of Caponata - eat now and freeze some for later. Scroll to the bottom of this newsletter for the recipe.

For more info click here.

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