What is a Foodshed?

A foodshed is the geographic region that produces food for a population. This takes into account the area where it is produced and where it is consumed, including the land it grows on, the route it travels, the markets it passes through, and the table it ends up on.

We are the Bucks County Foodshed. The sweet pepper you pick up and place in your cloth bag at the farmers market is the foodshed. It is our farmers’ hands tilling the soil, the tiny seeds sowed, and the meals on our tables.

A foodshed is analogous to a watershed, whereas a foodshed outlines the flow of food feeding a population, instead of the flow of water. The path from producer to consumer is easily seen when you are picking up your weekly CSA box, overflowing with fresh-picked produce from the farmer who grew it. It is not the citrus fruits and avocados found in the grocery store, under florescent lighting, that were picked too soon and traveled hundreds of miles, burning lots of fossil fuels to get to their destination.
It is easy to trace the path your food took within the foodshed, from the soil to your plate.

It is a vibrant and sustainable farming system with educated consumers cooking fresh, local food in their kitchens.

Words commonly associated with “foodshed” include: Farm to Table, Farmers Markets, Farm Stands, Pick Your Own, Community Supported Agriculture.

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